What is Reiki?


Reiki is an energy transfer therapy of holistic nature which helps heal imbalances of energy in mind, body, spirit and emotions. Reiki helps to clear energy blockages and release toxins that have built up in the system, adjusting itself to each person’s individual needs. It is helpful for relieving stress and anxiety and it also helps boost low energy levels and reinforce the immune system. As an alternative and complementary therapy, Reiki can be efficiently used in combination with conventional medical treatments to help patients recover quickly and reduce the side effects of their treatments. It is also a powerful tool for self understanding and spiritual development.


Reiki sessions help you to discover unconscious origins of emotional and physical stress. I provide a safe space and soothing environment to allow your body to fully relax. The Reiki healing energy will detoxify and clear congested energy in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. I offer intuitive and caring support to guide you to deep levels of healing. After a 90 minute session, you will not only feel energetically restored, you will be equipped with tools and information to help you continue the profound inner work and healing process between sessions.


"The universe conspired to bring Laura to Shanghai at a time when I was dealing with some personal challenges. I wholeheartedly believe that the time she spent healing myself, my baby and my home provided the impetus for a beautiful change in the energy in our lives. Laura radiates warmth, calmness and lightness. She is a true blessing. I cherish and savor the treatments as a time to really disconnect from the peripheral noise of life and enter the realm of absolute discovery. Love, energy and crystals power Laura’s fabulous sessions, which may not always be easy, but are definitely a journey to deepening self awareness and interconnections with self on a profound level."

Alexandria Macdonald, Shanghai, China. 

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