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"Our physical body, its alignment (or misalignment), its biological functioning (or dis-ease) as well as more subtle nuances of its outer appearance and expression, can reveal a great deal about our mental, emotional and spiritual state. As a yoga teacher, I am not only observing bodies, assisting and cueing students to stay safe and lead them towards a deeper practice physically, I am also observing the souls within the bodies. I often feel and sense the habitual tensions and areas of stress and notice how this expresses itself in the body. My intention when teaching is help nourish, balance and restore all aspects of the body not just the physical. 

For those experiencing repetitive strain or tension in their practice, private yoga sessions can be particularly helpful to explore and understand, starting from the most fundamental postures, where there may be areas of misalignment. Through deeper self-knowledge and awareness, we can help bring our body, mind, heart and soul back into a more balanced state to allow a safe and healthy movement through the postures. This knowledge and understanding can then be brought back into group classes. 

As well as exploring our bodies through Yogic postures, the placing of hands in Reiki treatments is a powerful practice to tap into the subtler aspects and it allows for profound discoveries. As an energy transfer therapy of holistic nature, Reiki can help heal imbalances of energy in mind, body, spirit and emotions. It helps to clear energy blockages and release toxins that have built up in the system, adjusting itself to each person’s individual needs. It is helpful for relieving stress and anxiety and it also helps boost low energy levels and reinforce the immune system. 

Along with private yoga instruction, private Reiki sessions can help you to discover unconscious origins of emotional and physical stress. My intention for both, is to provide a safe space and soothing environment to allow your body to fully relax. In our sessions I will guide and support you through healing the deep layers of emotional and mental congestions. After a private yoga and/or Reiki session, you will not only feel energetically restored, I will also offer you tools and suggestions to help you continue the profound inner work and healing process between sessions."


Laura has worked with clients in the U.S. and internationally. She is currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA and offers private sessions at her home studio in Emeryville.


Book a Private Yoga and Reiki Session to begin your own personal journey. ​​​​​​​


    Combined Private yoga with reiki sessions with Laura typically last 150 minutes and are hosted at Laura's home studio location. 


    Purchased sessions are valid up to 1 year from date of purchase.

    Please get in touch to schedule your private yoga with reiki session with Laura.



    RIGPA ARTS donates 5% of all sales of private sessions and the online offerings listed above to organizations that help and support our planet at these times of crises.

    We believe that together, we can make a difference. 


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