I discovered my passion for yoga at sixteen years of age. Since then I have studied with many teachers in various forms of yoga: Hatha, Bikram, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, Tibetan Yantra and more.  After years of personal practice, I now dedicate myself to teach, sharing my passion and experience. I specialize in a holistic approach to yoga, incorporating art, music and healing, tailoring classes to specific needs and goals. Spirituality is at the core of my teaching. Caring for the individual, my intention is to nurture, encourage and empower.

Our physical body, its alignment (or misalignment), its biological functioning (or dis-ease) as well as more subtle nuances of its outer appearance and expression, can reveal a great deal about our mental, emotional and spiritual state. As a yoga teacher, I am not only observing bodies, assisting and cueing students to stay safe and lead them towards a deeper practice physically, I am also observing the souls within the bodies. I often feel and sense the habitual tensions and areas of stress and notice how this expresses itself in the body. My intention when teaching is help nourish, balance and restore all aspects of the body not just the physical. 

If you are experiencing repetitive strain or injury in your practice, private yoga sessions are beneficial to explore and understand, starting from the most fundamental postures, where you may be misaligned or habitually holding tension. Through deeper self-knowledge and awareness, you can bring your body, mind and spirit back into a more balanced state, allowing safe and healthy movement through the postures. Your newly acquired knowledge and understanding will continue to guide you as you return to group classes.


"I've been fortunate enough to have several yoga practices with Laura Shirreff recently. Her one-on-one personalized sessions were transformative and enjoyable. My primary focus was to reduce stress and she leveraged various breathing practices to help me to accomplish this goal. I have practiced yoga for numerous years with various yoga teachers, Laura by far is the best! You can tell she LOVES sharing the benefits of yoga practice and she is attentive to your individual yoga needs. She is patient and compassionate to her yogis and I can't wait to practice yoga with her again."

Kimberly Kam, El Cerrito, California, USA. 

"Laura and I had a beautiful yoga session on the bay last Thursday. In her side yard I could see the bay, sailboats, Monterey pines, and the bright sky. I am an infrequent yoga student and Laura slowly took me through some poses so I could discern how to balance better and how to position my hip or foot or knee to hold a posture stronger.  Laura embodies relaxation and breath practices. She makes me feel like these practices are accessible to me. Who knew that relaxed meant bending my knees a bit? During this time social activities are limited, I was so happy to have this opportunity to experience yoga more intensely with Laura."

Sara Sanderson, Berkeley, California, USA.