Shanghai Global Meditation Marathon @ Anatomy of Arts | the clinic, Shanghai, China. 11.12.2017 

Bone Lhamo Kyap comes from the highland mountainous area of Northwest China, Gansu Province, which borders Tibet, Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang Provinces. In history, the Northern Silk Road ran through the Hexi Corridor in the North of Gansu. His music reflects this rich tapestry of cultural influences.

Bone was raised by his Grandma. Her ancestors are an ancient ethnic minority tribe, called Sangemao, who live in the south of Gansu, Choni area. The spirit of the land and the soul of those people inspire him deeply, with the spirit of Mother Earth and the illumination of the Divine. He chooses to sing in that ancient tribe's language as it will soon become extinct.

In his Music Medicine sessions, Bone channels a potent message and powerful healing vibrations thorough his voice and instuments. He has a unique gift that he is passionate to share with all who seek inner peace and transformation. 

Bone's meditative music has become increasingly popular in yoga studios and yoga brands in the U.S., China and internationally. He collaborates regularly with yoga teachers and professionals who are equally as passionate and value the healing power of music.

"Music is the language that communicates deeply to all souls in life. My passion is, through music, to communicate authentically and to touch and to heal listeners from the love and power of nature."

Bone Lhamo Kyap

"Bone is one of those artists who can immediately transport you to a different place.... who can pull you into the world his songs are painting. It's an amazing experience to work in the studio with him because there is this unspoken message and guidance that is being channelled through his songs which directs our every decision. It's much more than the notes played or the words cannot be explained with words. Bone has a gift."

Michael Starita, 2 time GRAMMY®/Latin Grammy

recognized producer, engineer and artist, San Francisco, California, USA

"Time seems to stop when Bone takes his guitar and starts to sing. Something really pure comes from him. His simple and powerful charisma just spreads positive and amazing energy around the room. With his first album,  The Ground I Love Forever, he has allowed himself to artistically fly free. In this 21st century, we all need poets. Bone is one of them."

 Quentin Paquignon, Founder / Artistic Director POLYMORPH EXTRA