"In the internal arts of India, China and Japan the body is thought to be a composite of elemental forces; that is, its bones, skin, and secretions are made of the same raw materials as the natural world. The Chakras derive from the elements that are associated with each bodily center.." 

Tias Little

Embark on a journey through the elements and the energy centers. Each week we will explore and examine our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body in relation to the yogic principals of the Pancha Bhoota (the five elements) and the Chakras (the seven main energy centers or wheels).


Laura has offered this series in the US and Internationally. Each time she offers it, it evolves and deepens. This course is limited to four clients per class, as Laura's interest and focus is to give as much personalized attention and support as possible. She truly believes this work can be eye-opening and transformative and is most profound when in small and intimate groups.

Sessions are currently hosted online via ZOOM. 


SINGLE CHAKRA SESSION                  $150

7 x CHAKRA SESSION SERIES             $700

"The Chakras are your doorways from the material world

to the world of the universal intelligence, intuition, and inspiration."

Alan Finger

This series is ideal for yogis and non-yogis alike; those that are interested in the connection between body, mind and spirit, this seven part series will give you an in depth introduction and understanding of the five elements, the yogic energy centers and the practices that can help you to align and bring them back into balance. Each class will include 60 minutes of Asana and Pranayama practice followed by 60 minutes of discussion and dialogue that will be both informative and responsive according to your personal experiences. Each session will be followed by shared written material to inform your practice and guide you to a deeper understanding.

Laura is currently offering these sessions as a series of private classes but these can be shared with friends or relatives to include up to four participants in each class. As an intimate group, we will support each other through the shared experience with plenty of time to work on each individual’s particular concerns.


Laura's personal practice, trainings in the Five Elements, the Art of Assisting and her knowledge and experience of Reiki, particularly inform this Chakra Series. From her own personal witnessing and awareness of the mind-body connection (or disconnection) she brings her heart and spirit to share what she can to help and benefit others.

"With my Reiki clients, particularly my regular clients, who return to me with reoccurring imbalances in certain Chakras, I find myself advising practices, many of them postural and movement based, to help maintain balance, equilibrium and grounding between Reiki sessions. Reiki can be incredibly beneficial and informative, allowing those that receive the healing to become aware of their “blind-spots,” areas in both our personal physical-energetic body and our outer environment-lifestyle that may need our attention. Mindful movement and breathing practices such as Yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gong, (as well as Reiki training) ask practitioners to go deeper, to be more active and participate in their long-term energetic healing and self-development. With this in mind, I created this Chakra Series, to help inform and guide practitioners deeper in their journey." 



"In August of 2019 I came across a post for Chakra Yoga with Laura while she visited Shanghai, China. I had actually seen the post before, but the time of it did not fit in my schedule. This time, however, I was able to attend. I was a bit nervous about what to expect, so initially I only signed up for one class.  

When I walked into my first class, I was confronted by very few students. I found out that Laura wanted only five students at a time. This was a first for me, as most of the yoga classes I had taken were packed with students. Before the class began Laura asked us to lay on our backs so that we could become connected and more grounded. As we were laying there, she gently adjusted each of us with her hands that she sprayed a lovely essential oil blend on to prepare us for our journey together. The care in which she aligned our legs, shoulders and neck was something I had never experienced before. It was at this point that I learned this class was not about ‘her’ as the teacher, but about ‘us’ as learners.  

During our sessions she made sure we had blocks if needed and would gently adjust us as we moved through the poses. She did not play music during our practice, but allowed us to focus on our breath and form.

After our session she discussed the poses we had gone through and how they were connected to each Chakra. She shared with us how different foods also can support us as we work on our connection to the different Chakras. She also supplied us with an email explaining the different poses connected to the Chakras we were exploring in order to encourage future practice. There were seven classes in all. Each class focusing on a different Chakra. I ended up signing up for all of them. Laura’s classes were a gift. I am extremely grateful I could be a part of them. Thank you so much!" 

Mel, Shanghai, China.