Rigpa, རིག་པ་ means intelligence and awareness; this word evokes the power of knowing our inner most nature. 

The mission of RIGPA ARTS is to support you 
as you journey to discover your authentic self. 
Responding to the ever-more stressful and overwhelming lifestyle that we lead,

my intention is to guide you closer to the healing power of nature and its profound energetic principles.


I do this through public classes, workshops, retreats and private sessions

that combine art, music, yoga, hands-on healing and personalized support.

"The balance of passion and professionalism that Laura (Rigpa Arts founder and leader) puts into her practice and programs is truly one of a kind. Laura is an outstanding yoga teacher who weaves so much information about the philosophy and technique of yoga into a beautiful practice. She also is a Reiki energy healer and is sensitive to the dynamics of any group she works with. Her connection spreads so much light and a feeling of peace. I have loved all of my classes with her and hope to attend a retreat very soon!"

Elizabeth Schieffelin, Founder of Lizzy's All Natural and Zenergy, Shanghai, China. 


REIKI is a energy transfer therapy of holistic nature which helps heal imbalances of energy in mind, body, spirit and emotions. By tapping into the unconscious layers of our energetic body, it is a powerful tool for self understanding and spiritual development. For me, Reiki allows me to connect and enter into the ether, to transmit light and love to touch and to heal others.

"The universe conspired to bring Laura to Shanghai at a time when I was dealing with some personal challenges. I wholeheartedly believe that the time she spent healing myself, my baby and my home provided the impetus for a beautiful change in the energy in our lives. Laura radiates warmth, calmness and lightness. She is a true blessing. I cherish and savor the treatments as a time to really disconnect from the peripheral noise of life and enter the realm of absolute discovery. Love, energy and crystals power Laura’s fabulous sessions, which may not always be easy, but are definitely a journey to deepening self awareness and interconnections with self on a profound level."

Alexandria Macdonald, Shanghai, China. 


YOGA is the union of body, mind, soul and spirit, though mindful movement, conscious breathing practices and meditative disciplines. By stilling the mind and peeling away the layers of our subconscious through yogic practices, we can deeply feel, experience and come to know our true selves. 

"I've been fortunate enough to have several yoga practices with Laura Shirreff recently. Her one-on-one personalized sessions were transformative and enjoyable. My primary focus was to reduce stress and she leveraged various breathing practices to help me to accomplish this goal. I have practiced yoga for numerous years with various yoga teachers, Laura by far is the best! You can tell she LOVES sharing the benefits of yoga practice and she is attentive to your individual yoga needs. She is patient and compassionate to her yogis and I can't wait to practice yoga with her again."

Kimberly Kam, San Francisco, California, USA. 



If you have any questions or would like to get in touch

regarding my private or public offerings,

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